Tim has studied people for most of his life - both academically as well as artistically. However, it is his specific focus on the subtle communication of gestures, and nuance of features that has led to his love of figures and faces. . .as well as the lives and personalities behind them. It is this that drives his ongoing pursuit of fine portraiture. Through the use of bold and animated brush strokes, he strives to capture the individuality of every subject, while breathing life into each through his own unique and energetic style.  

  A little history:
  Timothy Wasson was born in 1977 to homesteaded farming families of north western Kansas. He grew up loving farm work, but found early on that he just wasn't very good at it. So, Tim followed his strengths - and after graduating from community college and receiving merit scholarships from the Kansas City Art Institute, he transferred there for three years of training in Animation and Illustration, with his sights set on the traditional animation industry.Upon graduating from art school, and with a baby on the way, Tim found himself in immediate need of steady income. Faced with a swiftly declining market for hand-drawn animation, he began his nearly twenty-year professional 'detour' creating fantasy worlds for the video game industry. Throughout this period, however, he continued to sketch and paint the wide array of personalities around him in effort to perfect the craft he loves.

   Tim has helped to raise two children and currently lives with his beautiful (and very understanding) wife in rural Illinois.