Timothy Wasson was born to homesteaded farming families on the wide-open plains of western kansas in 1977. Growing up in this setting, the early artistic influences that were available to him him were largely limited to Normal Rockwell and Walt Disney. So, after receiving merit scholarships, Tim transferred to the Kansas City Art Institute for three years of training in Animation and Illustration, with the ultimate goal of making traditionally animated movies.  

  Upon graduating from art school, Tim found himself in immediate need of steady income.  Faced with a swiftly declining market for traditional animation, he began his nearly twenty-year professional 'detour' creating fantasy worlds for the video game industry.  Throughout this period, however, he never lost his love of the figure and faces. . . as well as the lives and personalities behind them.  It is this love that has brought Tim back to his roots and drives his ongoing pursuit of portraiture.  

Artist's note on style:
     "I think my portrait style can best be described as 'gesturally accurate' which is a look conveyed through the use of bold and energetic brushstrokes that attempt to communicate not only the familiar likeness of the sitter, but the 'life' within the figure.  That, at least, is my goal."